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Realtor’s Guide To The Perfectly Stocked Car

In the life of a realtor, each day can bring new and unexpected surprises, challenges and achievements. When your career requires you to constantly be on the go, your car quickly transforms from a simple mode of transportation to a mobile office.

Over the years, our agents have discovered some of the best items to keep in your car, from safety purposes to business necessities, and snacks for people and their fur-babies too!

We’ve developed the list below to help keep you prepared for any obstacle the day may bring…

    1. Box for containment: This is the first step. You don’t want any tools, letters, or other oddities sliding around in your car as you stop and go in rush hour traffic– especially if clients are riding with you! Filling your trunk with a few bins found at your local home store will keep the mess out and bring organization in!
    1. Business Cards: As a realtor, there are countless opportunities to network with others and get your name out. You never want to be without a business card to quickly share your contact information, so be sure to store some extras in a clean, closed compartment in your car. Keep them out of areas where drinks can spill and stain your stack!
    1. Blank Documents: Being able to whip out a marketing plan, sales contracts, or a listing agreement on the spot will leave your clients impressed and your time free from constant printing or an e-signature failure!
    1. Signs: As soon as you grab that new listing, don’t let lack of materials keep you from letting everyone know! Keeping a sign in your trunk can get interest moving as soon as possible!
    1. Lock Box: As soon as you get that sign up, you’ll want prospective buyers to see the house right when they’re ready! Without a lock box you’ll leave them without a way in, so make sure you’ve always got one inventoried and handy.
    1. Black Sharpie: There’s always a situation where a classic black sharpie is the only thing you need. Keep one in your front compartment to make those “maybe” deals permanent!
    1. Flashlight: Every listing comes with its own unique features… Some often being no electricity when vacant! You don’t want to lose a client’s time by taking them somewhere they can’t see, so keep a flashlight in your car for this type of emergency!
  1. Cell Phone Charger: You never want to find yourself dropping a client call because your phone died. Charging your phone while driving is a fantastic time saver, and a charger is also nice to have on hand for when your client’s phone needs an extra boost.

When showing a home, you can never be too prepared. Some properties need a little spruce while others need to be measured for that perfect furniture fit. Keep these on hands to help make the most of your client’s tour and your open houses:

Realtor Tool Kit:

    • Tape Measure/Laser Measurement Tool — Will our couch fit? How wide is this room? Is the porch long enough for my chairs? Don’t just estimate, get the right answer every time with this tool!
    • WD-40 or Graphite— For those pesky doors that just won’t let you in!
    • Rubber Mallet and Tent Spike— Pound that listing sign in with purpose, and use these tools to keep it in place.
    • Hammer, Needle Nose Pliers, Flathead and Phillips Screwdriver— This perfect group of tools can solve just about any issue with minimal effort and time.
    • Scissors— “Does anyone have a pair of scissors?” is a constant question in our office. Don’t go without and you won’t have to find yourself searching for the only tool that will provide the proper snip.
  • Zip Ties— So many uses in one tiny tool. Keep them on hand and you’ll find a creative way to use these babies each time.

Basic Cleaning Products:

    • Window Cleaner— This holy grail cleaning product can be used to polish up way more than just windows (ex: signs, doors, your phone, or camera lenses)!
    • Paper Towels— If you have treats for out for your open house guests, make sure to provide them with an easy clean up!
    • Plastic Trash Bags— A perfect necessity for a quick clean before or after a showing.
    • Hand Wipes— For sticky surfaces and fingers!
    • Lightbulbs– The proper lighting can make or break a space, make every area bright with an easy light bulb replacement and a note to the client.
    • Hand Broom/Dust Pan— Spruce up wood entry ways and tile floors with a quick sweep
    • Toilet Paper— Don’t leave your open house guests without proper resources in an emergency!
  • Batteries— Some fancy home upgrades may need a remote to show properly, keep batteries on hand for your clients to get the full experience!
    1. Dog Treats: Most pup owners love their loyal companions like family, so be sure you show them some kindness, too! Keeping a stash of treats in your car can help win those fur babies over! (Or sometimes help guide them into a laundry room to temporarily lock them up for a showing.)
    1. Dog Leash: Even if your client’s pup is perfectly trained, it’s always good to have a leash stowed away for unexpected situations.
    1. Water: After a long, hot day of summer showings, your clients are sure to need some water. Keep a small lunchbox or cooler with freezer bags and water bottles in your car to easily provide some cool refreshments. You will win your clients over with your preparedness and thoughtfulness.
    1. Dry Snacks: Snacks are always a necessity for when you or your clients need an energy boost. Remember to keep dry snacks, such as pretzels, almonds, or beef jerky available to keep your car mess-free and your fingers free from sticky!
    1. Emergency change of shoes: Sometimes your client goes from wanting to see a home with a small backyard to a several acre property tour. You don’t want to be battling heels or your nicest dress shoes when this time arrives, so keep a pair of sneakers or galoshes available for a fast and easy change.
    1. First Aid Kit: Don’t find yourself in a bind without a band-aid. Keeping some first aid essentials will help your clients feel taken care of and keep you from having to stop at the drugstore for simple essentials.
    1. Wasp Spray: Wasps always find a way to surprise us, so be on guard and ready with some spray that’ll keep the showing moving and your clients free from stings. (This can also alternate as a self-defense spray with a long-range shot.)
    1. Bug Spray: Ant hills, mosquitoes and bug bites can happen anywhere and everywhere. Keep some bug and anti-itch spray on hand to help keep you focused on the job and not your pesky bite!
  1. Protection: Last, but certainly not least, always have the protection you want to ensure your comfort level of safety. This could include pepper spray, self-defense lessons, a gun or double-dutying the wasp spray you already have.

I hope you find this ‘essentials list’ for your car as helpful as we do, here at Amanda Howard Sotheby's International Realty. We always want to give our best first impression to our customers we serve, and we also want to help better prepare our agents as they are out in the field making dreams become reality. If you have questions about the opportunities available at Amanda Howard Sotheby's International Realty, email us at [email protected] or apply online at


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